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Solar Swimming Pool Covers

Solar swimming pool covers

Solar swimming pool covers

Energy Saving Solar Gain Swimming Pool Covers are manufactured in the UK and are made from superior grade 400 and 500 micron polyethylene which includes a UV inhibitor. You can buy your swimming pool cover direct from this website if your swimming pool is one of our standard sizes. If not then please email me or if you prefer call me on my direct dial number 01904 341133 with the size required. Delivery is included in the price on orders over £150.00 and usually takes 5 to 7 working days. Delivery could take a little longer during the peak periods
Sol guard
Increase pool temperature by up to 8°C through solar energy gain

The unique two ply combination of a Geo Bubble Sol+Guard cover allows maximum solar gain to pass through
the cover increasing the pool temperature by up to 8 degrees C.
Eliminate Water Evaporation by 98% +
With a Geo Bubble Sol+Guard pool cover you will be able to eliminate water evaporation by over 98%, thus
greatly reducing your water consumption and your water charges, as well as saving a vital natural
Plastipack carried out research, in collaboration with the Brighton and London Metropolitan
Universities, which proved that the evaporation loss in the UK for an average sized pool, 4m x 8m, is
approximately 32,000 litres per year. This figure is considerably higher for hotter climates.
Reduce Chemical Consumption by up to 30%
A Geo Bubble Sol+Guard cover can help reduce chemical losses by evaporation by up to 30% when it is in use.
All pool chemical levels and treatment should be maintained at the manufacturers recommended
Reduce Energy Consumption by over 50%
A Geo Bubble Sol+Guard cover will eliminate evaporation and greatly reduce
radiation. Plastipack’s heat retention tests carried out in
collaboration with the Brighton and London Metropolitan Universities,
showed conclusive energy savings of over 50%. This applied to
oil, gas, electric heater or heat pump usage. Where solar heating is
used, it is possible to invest in half the amount of panels.

Reduce Debris Contamination
Debris such a leaves, dirt, insects and bird droppings are not only unsightly in a pool but also
provide nutrients for algae and bacteria to feed on. When the pool is covered these contaminants will
be kept out of the water, greatly improving the quality and appearance of the water.

Save Money
A Geo Bubble Sol+Guard cover will save money by reducing water, energy, cleaning and chemical costs. The
Geo Bubble Sol+Guard pool cover will pay for itself in less than a year.

The Geo Bubble Sol+Guard cover has a 6 year pro rata warranty.
solgaurd 2

Covers 4 Pools Solar Gain Covers are available in 3 styles :-
covers4pools geobubble chose your finish
You can Choose the finish:-

* Classic- Plain edges
* Deluxe - Hemmend on all 4 sides
* Super Deluxe -
- Reinforced trailing edge with eyelets:
- Hemmend on the long straight sides
- Factory fitted leading edge
-Bridal and towing rope

UK Deliveries over £150 are delivered free

GeoBubble " technology combined with these bubble cover materials will give you a longer lasting* swimming pool cover with the highest energy and chemical saving efficiencies.

*provided swimming pool water is balanced within industry standard. To order order on line simply caculate the total length and width of your pool in metres and then put that total into the quanity box.
We will then make contact with you about the finisihed size... Simple

 Ideas to stop covers blowing off your pool

Ideas to stop covers blowing off your pool

Price: 24.00(26.40) (Including VAT at 20%)

Ref: edge seal

energy saving trust and covers4pool together
Solar Pod

0.75Kw Solar Pod

Price: 132.00(145.20) (Including VAT at 20%)

Ref: pod001a



Price: 1,302.00(1,432.20) (Including VAT at 20%)

Ref: 3bte0354

 what to do

what to do

Ref: solar