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fitting Instructions

fitting Instructions

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Immediately following receipt of your Covers 4 Pools 400 or 500 Solar Gain cover check that you are completely satisfied that its sizing and specification are to your satisfaction (Measurements can differ up to 50mm, this is the tolerance we expect when welding the cover)
Once the cover is placed on the pool, no claim for incorrect specification or sizing can be accepted.
The cover should be placed on to water with the bubbles facing the water, and you will be able to read the reference number and warning labels. You can then attach the cover to the roller.

Best Results
Keep your cover on the pool except when swimming - it will prevent heat-loss through evaporation and help trap the Sun's Heat on bright days.

The cover is designed as an insulating cover not a safety cover. It should be completely removed from the pool and in no circumstances should anyone stand, sit or jump on the cover. Never swim when the cover is on the pool, always remove it first. Keep children and pets away from the pool area when the Cover is in use. Always keep them under supervision.

This can be done using standard household scissors.

Pool covers are best used in conjunction with a roller system, for best results covers should have a factory fitted leading edge kit which aids the removal and replacing the cover on the pool. It is possible to retro fit a leading edge kit. This is called a Swordfish Leading edge, and is available from Covers4 pools (tel 0845 680 0738

Protecting your 400 & 500 Solar Gain Cover

Take care not to let your cover catch on sharp edges or be dragged over rough ground.
Avoid excessive tension when handling the cover, particularly around Roman ends and Steps.
Your cover is made with special UV inhibitors, but its working life will be extended if it is stored away from direct sunlight when not in use. A Solar protection sheet is available.
Avoid concentrated chemicals coming into contact with the cover at all times.

Incorrect pool chemistry, pH and high operating temperatures will inevitably result in reducing the useful working life of your new cover. Bleaching of the special dyes used in making your cover is one of the first signs. It is always a good idea to monitor these levels regularly as you will save money and prolong the life of your cover.

It is recommended that your cover is cleaned and dried before storage over winter, preferably in a bag away from hot pipes, chemicals and vermin or stored on the roller under a Roller storage Cover.(this is also available from Covers 4 Pools tel 0845 680 0738

Under no circumstances should the solar cover be left on outdoors pools over the winter. We can supply you a made to measure Winter debris cover to suit your pool. Please ask your supplier for a quotation.

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Further information on this product and the many other Home and Garden products we manufacture can be viewed on our website: www.covers4pools.co.uk

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