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PoolSaver™ Safety Pool Covers- Made in the UK



This cover is not just a winter cover.... its also
Summer Cover
Saftey Cover
It has aluminium supporting bars,modular panels made from a tough reinfoced pvc with anti-abrasion treatment and static attachments straps.
Ths complies with the strict AFNOR rules NF P90-308. Great for rectangular pools and kidney shapes up to 12m x6m pool size.
The cover can be rolled on and off in only 2-3 minutes by just one person using a geared down manual crank handle, or two people on larger covers.
With a choice of colours
Cover Size is pool size plus 60cm on length and width.
We also offer non standard sizes 33sq m plus

Motorised Kit for the PoolSaver

Motorised Kit for the PoolSaver™

Price: 1,050.00(1,155.00) (Including VAT at 20%)

Ref: apf500k

Poolsaver Tough Fixings

Poolsaver™ Tough Fixings

For Safety... straps and satinless steel fasteners are used along the widths and are quick and simple to use

Remember.... using this cover as a safety cover does not dispense with the need to take sensible precauitions and exercise individual responsibility. It is not intended to replace adequate adult supervision of young children which is essential at all times

PoolSaver  pool size 12 x 24

PoolSaver™ pool size 12 x 24

Price: 2,961.60(3,257.76) (Including VAT at 20%)

Ref: ps12x24

PoolSaver pool size 14 x 28

PoolSaver™ pool size 14 x 28

Price: 3,700.80(4,070.88) (Including VAT at 20%)

Ref: ps1428

PoolSaver pool size 15 x 30

PoolSaver™ pool size 15 x 30

Price: 4,108.80(4,519.68) (Including VAT at 20%)

Ref: ps1530

PoolSaver pool size 16 x 32

PoolSaver™ pool size 16 x 32

Price: 4,542.00(4,996.20) (Including VAT at 20%)

Ref: ps1632

Pool Saver pool size 18 x 36

Pool Saver™ pool size 18 x 36

Price: 5,485.20(6,033.72) (Including VAT at 20%)

Ref: ps1836

PoolSaver pool size 20 x 40

PoolSaver™ pool size 20 x 40

Price: 6,531.60(7,184.76) (Including VAT at 20%)

Ref: ps2040

Manual Pool Saver with Roller VM5

Manual Pool Saver with Roller VM5
PoolLock’s V5M manual safety cover is the most cost-effective way of making your pool safe. The system has the same
basic components (tracks, leading bar, roller and canvas) as the automatic safety cover. A mechanism with crank is used
to wind up the canvas on the roller and uncover the pool, and a rope is used to pull the cover on to the pool to close it.
Max size 4.5m x 9m
A Solution  for your pool

A Solution for your pool

This cover serves as a Summer, winter and safety cover. When closed during the summer it will help retain heat in the pool water, keep evaporation levels down and prevent the sun from buring off your pool chemicals. In the winter it will keep out debris and sunlight and all year round it will the offer safety benefits, should a person or animal stray onto it.

These covers system can be made up to a maximum size of 9m x 4.5m and are ideal for fitting to existing and new pool builds. Available only in top mount versions with two track options, either Top track or Flat track. Both are made from extruded and anodised aluminium. The flat track is built into the pool patio and is therefore completely flush with the pool surround, whilst the top track is fixed on top of the pool patio max pool size 4.5m x9m

Pool saver with Rollup station 4m x8m pool size

Price: 4,440.40(4,884.44) (Including VAT at 20%)

Ref: VM5