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Call John Spencer the Pool Cover Expert today

Wendy in Norfolk

Wendy in Norfolk

Dear John
Thank you for the superb pool cover. I was delighted it arrived this morning in time for my son's wedding on Saturday. Fantastic service. Many thanks.



Hi John,

Just recieved the poolcover - great service. But one question. What is the role with blue/black plastic for..?:

This is to protect the cover from the sun when its on the roller

Jim in Southport

Hi John....We had a delivery of our pool cover this afternoon ......How is that for service!!! I clearly have not yet had chance to open it or lay it out to check it....but excellent service!! Many Thanks Jim

Ian in South Wales

I just got back from 3 weeks away to find my new pool cover duly installed by a friend. I am very pleased with it and thank you for your responsive service re delivery etc.
Paul in Italy

Paul in Italy

Hi John,

Here are some photos with the cover on and off - pleased to report that the pool was 26 degrees today which is 2 degrees warmer than before the cover went on last week, it had been cold for a few days so we are pleased with how it is working.

Please pass on thanks to Henry for his help.

Thanks for all you help in getting us the cover etc.



Roger in Sevenoaks

Dear John,
Please forgive me not contacting you earlier, but I did not want to tempt fate.
The cover you supplied back in january has now been in place for six months and has completely changed our pool experience. No more "will it/won't it open". Thank you.

David in Portugal

Dear John

I received the hold ons thank you, much better than putting holes in the cover.

Just to let you know I am very happy with the result.
As you will know plenty of sun in the Algarve during the day but actually quite cold at night, I guess the cover is increasing the
temperature by 6-7 degrees C, fantastic. It's now a pleasure to get in…...

Best regards david

David in the Algarve

David in the Algarve

Dear John

Just thought I would let you know the pool cover and roller arrived all OK and it fits !!! that's a relief...

The quality looks very good and the pool is definitely a few degrees warmer now.

Also thank you for sending me a piece of the cover for my Hot Tub, it's really reduced evaporation and I am sure will save some electric costs.

Roger in Kent

Dear John,
Another very happy customer.
The guys have been and gone and it all looks great and so much easier to use.
Thanks for all your help.
Kind regards,

Simon in France

Got it, thx.

If this helps, happy for you to post:

'John is absolutely focused on personally providing his customers with a quality result. He is thorough with planning and preparation, and determined to overcome any problems along the way.'


Mervyn in Spain

Mervyn in Spain

Hello John,
The pool cover arrived here safely on Friday afternoon - well ahead of schedule. Thanks very much for a speedy turnaround. The cover is now completely fitted, and I have to say that I am really impressed with the quality of the finished cover, as well as all the accessories which came with it.

Neville in Spain

Neville in Spain

Hi John

Just to let you know I received the parts. Really appreciate your support and excellent service.

Seasons greetings.
Kindest regards


Peter in Italy

Thanks John. Thanks also for answering the phone this morning (Saturday!). We will see how we go with the springs you've sent.
Best Peter

Richard in France

Just to tell you that I LOVE my cover. Brilliant. Thanks. RF


Phil from Sicily

I purchased a summer cover from you in December 2016 I have just fitted it and can confirm that we are extremely pleased with this product what I really like is the fact that I don't need to store it with the roller on, I can just unclip it and store it in the bag as space was a problem, thanks again and I will be in touch

Phil from Sicily

Phillip In Oxfordshire

Hi John

I just wanted to drop you a quick email to say how pleased we are with the new pool covers. Despite being custom-made they arrived very promptly, are beautifully made, were so easy to fit and fit the pool like a glove. They are such an improvement on the old set, not least because they don't flap around in the breeze! Thank you for such wonderful service, it's been a real pleasure dealing with you & we'll definitely recommend you to anyone who is looking for a new pool covers or rollers.

Kind regards Philip

Andrea in Surrey

Hi John,

You supplied me with a new pool cover last August and have to say the New (dark blue) Energy Guard Selective Transmission Geobubble is amazing, to be honest I am bored with my husband going on about quite how amazing it is as it has cut his cleaning the pool time (therefore stress) and chemicals by more than half, literally doing what it says on the cover (literature)!

Can you do a quote first for the Jacuzzi piece in New (dark blue) Energy Guard Selective Transmission Geobubble too please, (possibly an off cut?) as we currently have the lighter blue one which isn't as good.

Richard in Canterbury

Good Morning John,
The cover arrived minutes after my last email to you asking when it would arrive.

Peter in Surrey

We returned from a long weekend away last night, to find that our new pool cover had already been delivered.

So my first comment is: good timing, the manufacturing time was considerably shorter than I had expected.

Secondly, that despite the complexity of the pool / cover shape, this new cover fits perfectly - in fact, better than the previous cover. So the manufacturers have done an excellent job in following our complex drawing. All the shapes and curves are spot on, the cut-out around the projecting ladder is exactly right, the sewn edge of the cover sits perfectly around the pool perimeter.

Finally, the light blue colour of the new cover provides a much better visual of the pool than the previous cover and overall makes it look much more inviting.

Thank you very much; the new cover is a great result and exceeds our expectation in every way. Well done. Please feel free to use this comment on your testimony page.

Thanks again and kind regards,


Kate in Kings Lynn

Thank you..delighted with your service.


Laurent in France

Good morning,
I am very satisfed with the product ordered, it is the same cover that 20 years ago, thank you very much.

Ian in Cobham Surrey

Good price but most important excellent after sales service. After a misunderstanding on sizing requirements, John agreed, without hesitation, to the return of the cover free of charge! Even more of a welcome surprise was the credit card refund that was made the same day!
Barry in Corfu

Barry in Corfu

Hi John,
Just a quick note of thanks for the pool cover we purchased from you last October and now installed at our villa on Corfu.
Normally at this time of year the pool is barely useable but we have noticed such a difference not only in the water temperature but also the cleanliness of the pool.
Swifts, Swallows and Martins have a great time drinking from the pool and at the same time using it as a toilet ! You will see from the attached photo that the pool is remarkably clean considering that it was last hoovered over a week ago.
Absolutely delighted not only with the product but also the delivery and the ease of operation. Please feel free to pass on my comments to other potential customers if you wish.
Kind regards
Barry Shields

Russ in France

Thanks for the prompt reply. I had forgotten what good service is....


Jane in Bowness

Hi John
Just to say I am so delighted with the new cover.We fit it ourselves and the result is exactly what we wanted.The install was easy and everything arrived as promised
Thank you so much for your excellent service I will certainly recommend your firm to everyone I can
Kind regards
Jane xx

Diane in Leek, UK

We received our pool cover on Wednesday this week, so ahead of schedule. It's now in situ and we're really pleased with it.
Thank you very much for your help and patience while going through the measuring and ordering process - much appreciated.

Melissa -Monflanquin, France

Dear John

I am writing to let you know that we have now covered our curved pool with the winter cover and spring pegs you supplied and are very pleased with the result. We bought several long mousse play "frites" to put under the winter cover as protection against the sides. Hopefully with care it will last several years.

June in Tynemouth

I engaged the services of John Spencer for the start of the season 2016 after being let down by a number of unprofessional company's who couldn't even measure my freeform constant depth pool.John came to measure then went home then asked to come back 140 mile round trip just to check his measurements.He quoted fourteen days for delivery it arrived within a week and was of very high quality and it fitted perfectly.I was very happy with covers for pools and would highly recommend them as there was no sales pressure and no useless information as I had heard in the past.my pool was in theory a nightmare but in practice it was not that bad and we are delighted with the results.
Mrs June Ramage. Tynemouth.
Richard UK

Richard UK

Hi John,
Feel free to use the following on your website if you wish.
"We bought an unusually shaped pool cover from John 3 years ago. He got me re-checking the dimensions 3 times before he was happy I had given him the right measurements. So when it arrived, it was right first time. Three years later, I needed a few spare fixings and John got them to us in just a couple of days (and he did not even charge me for them!).
Cannot fault the service, makes you proud to be British!
Richard Crean, The Thomas Centre

Liam in the UK

Thanks John,

The pool cover arrived early and fitted perfectly.
Dependable as ever.

Regards Liam
John in Cyprus

John in Cyprus

Hi John
Just to update you, the cover arrived 1st June and I installed it the same day, It fits perfectly and the performance is better than I expected, both in maintaining temperature and reducing evaporation.
Thanks for your help and I will recommend you if any of my friends require similar items.
Kind Regards
John in Portugal and Sheffield

John in Portugal and Sheffield

Hi John,
Thanks again for your great after sales service.
Our cover remains fantastic and one of our best buys for our villa.
We bought it in the U.K. and took it out to Portugal ourselves.saving a lot of money.Now you deliver it will be even better.
Ceila in France

Ceila in France

Ceila in France
As I said before, you have been excellent to deal with , the product is perfect and I will not hesitate to continue to recommend you to all the people out here with shocking old pool covers!
United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates

Carol in the United Arab Emerites

You may remember that I bought a Coolguard cover last year and I must say that it is the best product I have bought so far for the small endless pool I have. It is still in almost perfect condition, despite being in very very hot temperatures (up to 50C) daily for over a year and dragged around the garden, over slabs and sandblasted in storms.

As we live in Dubai it is boiling hot most of the time and the combination of the Coolguard and an open tent for shade has kept the pool swimmable all summer. Last year it was out of action for three months because the water temperature rose to about 45C making it unbearably hot.



Jim, from the beautiful island of Crete

This is an unsolicited testimonial. I wish to commend John Spencer at Covers4pools. In my dealings as a customer of this company the customer service has been second to none. I have no hesitation in recommending this firm.

Phil in Sussex

Phil in Sussex
I believe that this experience was excellent Customer service- almost
above and beyond what I would deem reasonable. As such I would have no
hestitation in buying from them again and I would certainly recommend
them. They are extremely trustworthy.

Viktor in France

Viktor in France
The cover was successfully delivered today. Thank You! What a fantastic measurements we did? The cover fits perfectly ! You may count for another order from me for another pool in February.

Richard in Portugal

Playing golf here in Vilamoura my wife was partnered by someone who mentioned you supplied most of the covers that sit on the pools in the Algarve.
My friend from near home and close neighbour here and I have similar size pools and both require new solar covers.

David in the UK

David in Hampshire
Thank you,
I have used the old fittings and the two sets of poppers included.
It is working well.

I had spent a long time looking for a good value cover. Yours is not expensive, but the quality of finish is the best I have seen.
And it is working. I went into the pool enclosure yesterday morning and it was noticeably COOL in there: i.e. for the first time ever, the heat had stayed in the water overnight and not been used to heat the enclosure.
many thanks,
Bob in Crete
We bought a winter cover from you a few years ago for our pool on a windy site in Crete, Greece which has been fantastic!
We would now like to buy a solar cover for the same pool and would like the super deluxe version
Maureen in Crete

Maureen in Crete

Hi John, we collected the pool cover from Nomad on Friday. Thank you. We put it on the pool and it looks great, fits perfectly