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The Liquid Pool Cover

liquid pool cover

liquid pool cover

COVERFree Liquid Pool Cover

COVERfree is a revolutionary new liquid swimming pool cover.

COVERfree creates and invisible barrier on the surface of the water that works even when swimmers are in the pool. Save water, save heat and save money with COVERfree !

COVERfree can reduce the heat loss from your swimming pool by up to 70% and it reduces water evaporation from the pool by up to 85%

Weekly Dosing
Unlike other liquid pool cover products that require daily dosing, COVERfree only requires dosing once per week on normal swimming pools.

The weekly dosing required by COVERfree results in around a 65% reduction in the amount of liquid pool cover required. This reduces the running cost of using COVERfree by around 60% considerably compared with other liquid pool cover products.

COVERfree does not contain any alcohol, is biodegradable, PH neutral, non-hazardous and has been independently safety tested. It has a unique patented polymer based formula that remains in the pool for longer reducing the amount of liquid pool cover required.

It can be used on all types of swimming pool including indoor pools, outdoor pools, natural swimming pools, infinity pools and commercial swimming pools.
about liquid pool cover

about liquid pool cover

About COVERfree - Liquid Pool Cover
COVERfree is revolutionary liquid swimming pool cover technology. It is an advanced mono-layer product that helps save water and money by decreasing evaporation. It significantly reduces water evaporation and heat loss. COVERfree creates and invisible barrier on the surface of the water that works even when swimmers are in the pool. Save water, save heat and save money with COVERfree

When added to the pool water, COVERfree floats to the surface and forms an invisible layer on the water.

This layer reduces water evaporation by up to 85% and hence reduces heat loss from the pool by up to 70%.

COVERfree liquid pool cover is ideal for non-rectangular pools where the use of a traditional pool cover would be difficult or is undesirable.

It provides excellent heat retention on pools where a traditional cover is not used.

COVERfree is a biodegradable PH neutral product that is safe to the skin.

It can be used on indoor or outdoor pools, natural pools and commercial pools.

COVERFree only requires adding to normal pools on a weekly basis saving you money.

Dont waste money losing heat and water from your pool - use COVERFree to reduce the heat loss and water evaporation !

COVERfree is available in three sizes:-

32oz (0.9 litre)
1 US Gallon (3.9 litres)
5 US Gallon (19.5 litres)


Normally COVERFree should be added after a chlorine dosing system if one is present.

Pool 2000 Dosing Pump Features
The Pool-2000 dosing pump is a microprocessor-controlled, clock-based chemical injection pump for accurate dosing of the COVERfree liquid.

The Pool-2000 has a real-time clock, and keeps track of which day of the week it is, so it can dose daily during certain times of the day, and is programmable for independent dates/times. [i.e. 7 day clock, 1 event per hour and all events can be different, absent or programmed to be the same].

For example, it can provide regular doses throughout the week and extra doses during high bather-load times such as weekend nights in a spa, or weekend days in a pool. Need to add extra doses Saturday afternoon or evening? No problem for Pool- 2000, just 10 seconds of programming will let you add an extra pump event for Saturdays, etc. In addition, it has an optional audible alarm that lets you know when the COVERfree product container is empty.

It comes with a 2-year warranty

Replacement parts are available for the Pool-2000 dosing pump. Please contact us for details.

Dosing Rates
The automatic dosing pump outputs 71 ml (2.5oz) per minute when running

The amount of time that the pump runs for can be programmed from 1 second to 20 minutes

By adjusting the run time, this allows precise control over the amount of COVERFree that is added to the pool

Up to 24 different times can be programmed, daily, weekly or a mixed schedule.

It has a 7-day clock alowing different dosing per day to be programmed if required.

0.9litre size

0.9litre size

Price: 46.80(52.88) (Including VAT at 20%)

Ref: coverfreel sml

3.9 litre size

3.9 litre size

Price: 156.00(176.28) (Including VAT at 20%)

Ref: coverfree 3.9

dosing kit

dosing kit

Price: 474.00(535.62) (Including VAT at 20%)

Ref: coverfree dosing kit