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0.9litre size

0.9litre size

Ref: coverfreel sml

COVERfree creates and invisible barrier on the surface of the water that works even when swimmers are in the pool. Save water, save heat and save money with COVERfree !

COVERfree can reduce the heat loss from your swimming pool by up to 70% and it reduces water evaporation from the pool by up to 85%

Unlike other liquid pool cover products that require daily dosing, COVERfree only requires dosing once per week on normal swimming pools.

The weekly dosing required by COVERfree results in a 65% reduction in the amount of liquid pool cover required. This reduces the running cost of using COVERfree considerably compared with other liquid pool cover products.

COVERfree is biodegradable, non-harzardous and has been independently safety tested.

It can be used on all types of swimming pool including indoor pools, outdoor pools, natural swimming pools, infinity pools and commercial swimming pools.

Price: 46.80(52.88) (Including VAT at 20%)

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