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Liquid Pool Cover 0.95litre size

Liquid Pool Cover 0.95litre size

Ref: 0.95 Litre

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Benefits - AquaBlanket Liquid Pool Cover
Using AquaBlanket liquid pool cover provides the following benefits:-

By reducing evaporation AquaBlanket reduces heat loss from pools
On indoor pools, a reduction in evaporation also reduces dehumidification running costs
Costs around 50-60% less to use than other liquid pool cover products
Reduces heat loss from the pool
Reduces evaporation from the pool
AquaBlanket can be added to the pool on a weekly basis for domestic pools compared with daily dosing for other liquid pool covers, resulting in lower running costs for AquaBlanket
Reduces the humidity of the air in indoor pools, reducing the cost of dehumidifying the air
No need to remove and replace the pool cover when swimming
More aesthetically pleasing
Removes the need for rollers around the pool, purchase cost of rollers is removed.
No need to clean the pool cover unlike with a physical pool cover
Optional automatic dosing system allows correct concentration of AquaBlanket to be maintained
Reduces pool water loss
Suitable for indoor or outdoor pools
Suitable for natural pools (safe to plants)
Suitable for infinity type pools
Suitable for salt based pools
Suitable for hot-tubs (which normally have higher water temperatures than swimming pools)
Independently tested for safety (AquaBlanket is NSF certified and has a full MSDS data sheet - see the Documents page)
Biodegradable and non-hazardous
Does not contain any alcohol
Patented polymer based formula
Safe to skin and eyes
PH Neutral
Ideal for non-rectangular pools which are not suitable for a physical pool cover
Can be used on commercial pools
AquaBlanket 's non-flammable formula reduces risk assessment levels for commercial pool plant rooms
AquaBlanket evaporates more slowly than other alchohol based liquid pool cover products, reducing waste and hazardous fumes

Price: 46.80(51.48) (Including VAT at 20%)