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Hot Tub Spa Covers and equipment

NEW Covers 4 Hottubs- The Spa Cap is here

NEW Covers 4 Hottubs- The Spa Cap is here

This Covers4Hottubs is the most revolutionary spa cover and will forever change your ideas about what a hot tub cover should be. The Covers4Hottubs patented design makes using your spa as easy as getting into bed. Using no rigid foam panels, that will always end up broken or saturated, the air chambers start insulating right at the water surface so you don't lose heat or chemicals through evaporation and condensation that would otherwise be going on under a traditional foam filled cover. This remarkable cover lets you enjoy using your spa without throwing out your back.

As easy to remove and replace as using a comforter on a bed.
The natural dome shape repels rain snow and debris like no other cover ever could.
In order to protect the cover and extend its life you should use a sanitiser that is Chlorine free like Pristene blue
The dome shape also prohibits the SpaCap from ever flying away in a wind storm. These covers have survived Tornados and Hurricanes with loss or damage.
Because the bottom of the cover rests on the water surface, no snow load will ever crush your SpaCap.
Air Chamber design insulates using layers of air, stacked on top of each other.
Sunbrella fabric is the only outdoor fabric that is rated by YEARS where all vinyl covers are rated by HOURS
All seams are double stitched with the same weight of thread used on commercial truck tarps. Your cover will never come apart at the seams.
No rigid foam panels means the cover resists saturation and breakage that plague every foam cover ever made.
The lack of foam also prohibits places for mold and mildew growth so no more musty smell when you open your spa.
Less chemicals needed and better insulation means it will cost you less to enjoy your spa for years to come.
Easy to clean and no fading means your SpaCap will continue to look and perform brand new.


Deluxe Covers4Hotutbs-spa cap

The Deluxe SpaCap cover outer fabric is highly durable acrylic Sunbrella Fabric available in two popular colors, Charcoal Tweed and Walnut Brown Tweed. Both of these colors are rich, deep shades, great at hiding dirt and dust.If your spa is outdoors the Sunbrella fabric will help the SpaCap last years longer. The SpaCap with Sunbrella marine fabric is the gold standard of outdoor fabrics, warranted against fading for five years from date of installation. Sunbrella is used on Yachts, Sailboats and Commercial Awnings all over the world. Chances are if you have patio furniture with a canvas like material it is more than likely a Sunbrella product. Glen Raven Mills, manufactures Sunbrella in several styles for different applications. We use the top of the line marine grade boat top and awning fabric. The furniture fabrics that carry the Sunbrella label offer even more colors and textures however they are not rated for the spa cover environment.
Rememeber Chlorine free sanaitiser , like Pristene blue,will extend the life of the cover

Covers4Hottubs Deluxe

Price: 1,440.00(1,656.00) (Including VAT at 20%)

Ref: spacap del

covers4hottubs extar chamber

Extra Chamber- extra insulation

Price: 72.00(82.80) (Including VAT at 20%)

Ref: extrasapa

Turtle Hot Tub  Spa Cover

Turtle Hot Tub Spa Cover

We can make a replacement spa cover to fit your make of HOT TUB. All we need is the shape and size of the cover to suit you. Lead times on this bespoke service tends to be about 2-3 weeks so please order in plenty of time

Each cover is made using high density polystrene with a aluminium reinforced spine. This is then wrapped in a vapour barrier before we put the hard wearing cover on. Each cover is hinged in the centre and to help prevent heat loss we fit "steam fingers" to make a seal that helps prevent heat loss at this vunerable point.Reinforced handles aid in the removal of the cover.
Please rememeber this is guide and colours will vary depending on your monitor

Turtle Thermal Cover  -Replacement Hot Tub  Spa Cover

Turtle Thermal Cover -Replacement Hot Tub Spa Cover

Price: 444.00(510.60) (Including VAT at 20%)

Ref: 030000001

More Information Click Here>>

Spa Cover Lifter

Spa Cover Lifter

Price: 168.00(193.20) (Including VAT at 20%)

Ref: 030000002

Thermal 6mm Floating Spa Cover

Thermal 6mm Floating Spa Cover

Price: 92.40(106.26) (Including VAT at 20%)

Ref: spa

spa pic

spa pic

This Spa is in the mountains of Spain and has the
6mm Thermaqulit installed to keep the
heat in

Thermal 12mm Floating Spa cover

Thermal 12mm Floating Spa cover

Price: 183.28(210.77) (Including VAT at 20%)

Ref: spa2

Premium Spa Steps

Premium Spa Steps

Price: 156.00(179.40) (Including VAT at 20%)

Ref: spasteps

Spa Flush

Spa Flush

Price: 26.40(30.36) (Including VAT at 20%)

Ref: flush



As guide
What Brand of filter is it :-

How big is the filter :-
Length in cms ?
Diameter in cms ?

The top and Bottom does it have

What is the Brand and model of Spa

With the right information we can supply you the correct part

Fi-Clor Spa Starter Kit

Fi-Clor Spa Starter Kit

Price: 51.60(59.34) (Including VAT at 20%)

Ref: FISK1