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Solar swimming pool covers

Solar swimming pool covers

Pool Covers Solar Gain Swimming Pool Covers are made from superior grade 400 and 500 micron polyethylene which includes a UV inhibitor. You can buy your swimming pool cover direct from this website if your swimming pool is one of our standard sizes. If not then please email me or if you prefer call me on my direct dial number 01904 341133 with the size required. Delivery is included in the price on orders over £150.00 and usually takes 5 to 7 working days. Delivery could take a little longer during the peak periods.

Covers 4 Pools Solar Gain swimming pool covers are available in 3 styles:-
Standard Swimming Pool Covers

Standard Swimming Pool Covers

Plain edged swimming pool cover which is easily trimmed on site and is available in 400 micron Blue, 400 micron Blue/Silver (we call this Galaxy) and 500 micron Blue/Gold ( we call this Goldstar)
Deluxe Solar Swimming Pool Covers

Deluxe Solar Swimming Pool Covers

This cover has the now famous Covers4Pools sealed salvedge edges on the long sides of the cover that helps prevent the cover from chaffing. Plus, it has the benefit of tough reinforcing on the trailing edge and leading edge. This is available in all 3colours, Blue, Galaxy and Goldstar.
Super Deluxe Solar Swimming Pool covers

Super Deluxe Solar Swimming Pool covers

This is the deluxe cover with the sealed salvedges edges on the long sides of the cover, reinforcing on the trailing and leading edge. PLUS the benefit of a factory fitted floatation boom, bridle and towing rope. On larger pools this is a must. This is available in all 3 colours, Blue, Galaxy and Goldstar.

This is the most popular finish we supply. We also have some new materials this year:-

550 Blue+ This has a tough reinfoced fabric laminated to the topside
500 Cosmos This has extra UV for sunnier climates
750 Galaxy + This is 750microns thick with a tough fabric laminated to the top surface. This is perfect for difficult pools

Would you like to talk? then call me John Spencer on 01904 341133

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