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Liner lock Cover up wedge

Liner lock Cover up wedge

Price: 216.00(237.60) (Including VAT at 20%)

Ref: lbw003

Stainless steel screws( self tapping,pk100)

Stainless steel screws( self tapping,pk100)

Price: 30.00(33.00) (Including VAT at 20%)

Ref: pll515


Benefits of swimming pool liners
•A professional installer will be able to fit or replace a new liner in a very short period of time and it will provide a durable an aesthetically pleasing finish.Many people also find it easy to install the liner themselves

•Swimming Pool liners are a comparatively cheap way of getting a high quality look and feel to a swimming pool. They can also be replaced quickly and easily.

•Swimming pool liners can be fitted to almost any style and construction of swimming pool with a minimum of preparation.

•Swimming pool liners come in a massive selection of colour ranges, with different options being available for the base and walls, plus decorative detail strips for the top borders. They can simulate tiles perfectly (some even with a slight texture), but they have a smoother softer and more tactile feel.

•The finish of a swimming pool liner is not dependent upon the variable skills of one or more tillers, so there is always consistency of appearance and quality.

•Swimming pool liners are smooth and subtle when compared with hard tiles that may have sharp edges.

•Swimming pool liners can work with pool coving, and their cushiony quality can be enhanced by using wall and-or floor foam padding for extra comfort and protection.

•Swimming pool liners have excellent resistance to mould and other pool pollutants and the colour fading (due to sunlight) that was once a problem is now prevented by special protective coatings.

•Swimming pool liners tend not to have on-going maintenance costs – which can often be the case with traditional tiled pools.

Ultimately, swimming pool liners offer a very cost effective and high quality finish to a swimming pool and they can easily last for over 10 years without repair or replacement. Beaded swimming pool liners require little if any maintenance and, provided that the pool is maintained properly, they will give years of trouble free pleasure.

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