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Water Testing Equipment

La Motte Insta Test Strips 5

La Motte Insta Test Strips 5

Price: 20.00(22.00) (Including VAT at 20%)

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water testing

Water Testing
Testing your pool water is essential to ensure it is safe to swim in. Here is a brief overview of what you should be testing for and how.
Method of Testing: Balanced Water Test Kit or Test Strips.
Ideal Range: 1-3 ppm
Reason for Testing: Testing the chlorine level in your pool is essential to ensure that you have enough chlorine and to prevent overdosing. If you are using chlorine as your main sanitiser it is very important to maintain enough chorine in your pool to kill bacteria and viruses, hence protecting the bathers. When boosting the chlorine level to eliminate algae it is necessary to allow the chlorine level to come down to its required rate before using the pool. A test should be done every time you use your pool, or each day during hot periods to reduce the chances of algae occurring.
Method of Testing: Balanced Water Test Kit or Test Strips.
Ideal Range: 7.2 - 7.6
Reason for Testing: To allow Chlorine to work to its full potential and to prevent any corrosion or scale forming it is important to maintain a pH within the ideal range. The correct pH level also provides comfortable bathing conditions for the bather as it reduces the chances of irritation occurring.
Method of Testing: Balanced Water Test Kit, Test Strips or Alkalinity Tablets
Ideal Range: 80-120 ppm
Reason for Testing: Maintaining the correct level of alkalinity in your pool helps prevent unwanted changes in the pH levels. If the alkalinity level is too low then the smallest amount of chemical treatment will alter the pH. If the alkalinity level is too high (over 180ppm) then it becomes very difficult to alter the pH. A level greater than 80ppm stabilises the pH of the water so that any chemical treatments or environmental factors will not rapidly alter the pH.
Calcium Hardness
Method of Testing: Balanced Water Test Kit, Test Strips or Calcium Hardness Tablets
Ideal Range: 100 ppm minimum
Reason for Testing: Calcium hardness is usually a problem for tiled pools in soft water areas. This is due to there not being enough calcium in the water so it will dissolve the calcium in the grout making it soft. In general this is not a problem in hard water areas as the water contains sufficient calcium.
Above Ground Pools
If you have an above ground pool that you are just using for the season it is advised to test the water each day using test strips. This is because it is a quick and easy way to keep on top of the chlorine level, which is vital during hot periods and high bather loads. These test strips also test for pH, alkalinity and hardness therefore covering every test you possibly need on an above ground pool.