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Thermecro Solar Heating 4 swimming Pools 16 tubes

Thermecro Solar Heating 4 swimming Pools 16 tubes

Ref: src16

Specifically designed for pools and spas
Evacuated, cylindrical tubes using patented technology to absorb direct, diffused and reflected light and retain heat
Extremely effective; harvesting 92% of available solar energy Eco friendly solution: zero CO² emissions Significant savings on energy bills
Simple installation; easily retro fitted to any existing system Supplied with pipe work installation kit and easy to use controller
Space saving, compact design ensures maximum output From the smallest possible footprint
Adjustable frame allows for the optimum angle of inclination to the sun Low maintenance Compared to existing solar products,
Thermecro is highly efficient at retaining heat ensuring minimal heat loss to provide ultimate efficiency Effective in summer or winter, rain or shine
Plumbed directly to the pool filtration system: no heat exchanger or storage cylinder required

Suitable for pools upto 14 sq metres with an avreage middday temperature of 22 deg C

Price: 2,971.20(3,268.32) (Including VAT at 20%)