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Pratley Repair Putty 125g

Pratley Repair Putty 125g

Ref: rp100q

Pratley Putty "Original Formula"

(Standard Setting) is a slightly water soluble (before it cures) hand mouldable high performance putty-like adhesive.

It is ideal for use under water but can also be used for filling sealing, building up and bonding any rigid material.

1. Sets underwater
2. Can be smoothed and shaped with a wet finger or spatula.
3. Excellent adhesive strength
4. Bonds well to most rigid materials
5. Can be filed, sawn, drilled and machined
6. Sets slowly ideal for large jobs
7. Very hard and abrasion resistant
8. Sets ivory white

Price: 14.40(15.84) (Including VAT at 20%)

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