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Pool cover pump

Pool cover pump

Ref: CE1108

1. On level 51mm Off level 38mm
2. Unique large base design for stability on top of pool cover
3. Portable with convenient integrated handle
4. 230V 50Hz 1/3 HP pump withefficient PSC-type motor for quietoperation
5. 1" FNPT discharge with 3/4"garden hose adapter
6. 10m power cord
7. Mechanical internal float for reliability and easy access
Multi-Purpose APCP-1700 1/3 HP 6814 LPH Automatic Pool Cover Pump

Little Giant’s uniquely designed automatic pool cover pump is reliable and ideal for removing water from all types of
pool covers. The APCP-1700 activates in approximately 51mm of water and deactivates in approximately 38mm of
water. The pump comes equipped with energy efficient motor design. The motor is mounted in a sealed, stainless
steel housing and cooled by water being pumped over the motor housing. The APCP-1700 has a wide base design
for needed stability; requires no maintenance; simply connect the drain hose; place on top of pool cover near the
center of the pool and plug in. In case of emergency, the APCP-1700 can also operate as an automatic submersible
pump when needed to drain water from flooded areas.

Price: 360.00(396.00) (Including VAT at 20%)