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Pool cover pump

Pool cover pump

Ref: cte1108d

With waste hose

Totally automatic electric submersible pump, with wide support base specially designed to increase stability and
enable the option of operation in positions not totally perpendicular to the ground.
• Integrated float for automatic operation, efficient and maintenance-free operation pump.
• Electric pump totally constructed in thermoplastic

Suitable for use during the winter period above the pool covers, to remove rainwater and avoid damage to the
cover due to the excessive weight of the accumulated water.If necessary, suitable for emptying the swimming
pool before the winter period or in general as a submersible emptying and draining pump or
as a portable pump in the event of an emergency.water resistant material.
• Motor, motor shaft and hardware in stainless steel.

Price: 295.00(339.25) (Including VAT at 20%)