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Leaking Pipe work

The Bucket Test

The Bucket Test

To determine if your water loss is caused by evaporation or a leak

Use the following steps to determine if your pool is leaking.

Bring the pool water to normal level. Fill a bucket with pool water to about five inches from the top.
Place the bucket on the first or second step of the pool. Ensure the bucket is immersed in the pool at least 5 inches.
Mark the water level inside the bucket.
Shut off the pump and mark pool water level on the outside of the bucket.
Resume normal pool pump operation.
After 24 hours, compare the two water levels. If the pool water (outside the mark) goes down more than the bucket's water level, there is probably a leak. If levels are the same, only evaporation has occurred.
In case of rain, repeat the bucket test. During a summer day, expect water loss from normal evaporation. Test is invalid after 24 hours.

Typical evaporation

A quarter inch of water loss per day is most likely evaporation. The evaporation rate in your area will depend on humidity, sunlight intensity, barometric pressure, wind and the level of activity in the pool or spa.
Thankyou to Vinal masters in America
epipe relining

epipe relining

e-PIPE -Pipe Lining System

ePIPE is a revolutionary system which uses patented products and technology to line the internals of small bore (up to 4”) pipework which may suffer from leaks
due to pin
holes, loose/unglued fittings or small cracks and splits.

The ePIPE system has been
used successfully for many years in multiple industries overseas, including the swimming pool industry. It is currently used extensive-
ly in the UK for the lining of leaking mains water pipes and is now available to the UK pool industry, exclusively through Certikin. Successful projects have
already been undertaken.

Based on air pressure applied epoxy resin, e pipe provides a lining to a full or partial pool circulation system and comes with a five year installer’s guarantee. The
system is very unintrusive and eliminates the need for digging and replacing pipes – saving money, reducing what can be serious disruption and significantly
reducing downtime for the operation of the pool.

By strategically controlling the flow of air within
a created sealed system,
the epoxy lining can be forced to the extremities of the internals of all pipe and fittings
offering a solid, but slightly flexible, continual fine (approx. 1mm) membrane within the pipe run. The molecule of the epoxy resin knit themselves together to pro-
vide a uniform coating which is resistant against balanced pool water.

No mechanical devices are gradients, angles, junctions and flowing bends can all be lined offering full peace of mind that even multiple leaks can be resolved. The
e PIPE process is not complete until a test shows that the pipe run in question
successfully holds pressure.


Un intrusive – product applied down the pipe –
no need for excavations

Quick and easy – circulation systems can be
fully lined in a matters of days – no need for
long down times or delays in pool operation

Thoroughly tested – the process is not complete
until a successful pressure test is carried out on
a pipe run which was previously known to have
a failure

Tried and tested – used on hundreds of pools
overseas and some UK installations have
already been successfully completed

‘Blow in place’ technology allows full control of
the resin and ensures an even distribution
over all surfaces including bends, angles,
gradients and junctions

Fine coating does not reduce flow rates

Applicable to almost any pipe up to 4” diameter

Can be applied to full or partial circulation

Fully resistant to balanced pool water and
standard operating temperatures

Guaranteed by the installer for five years
Multiple pipe leaks were resulting in heavy water loss - the ePIPE process solved the problem in
less than two days and with no need for any excavation or pipe replacement. (above).

To the left: internal images of lined pipes

ePIPE The Process

site and project will have different needs and pose different challenges,
but the overall process of applying the ePIPE lining system is as follows:

Information is collated (see below) in order to generate a provisional quote which
is subject to a site survey

A site survey will be carried out to assess access and suitability of the system. Following go ahead, a date of action will be specified and equipment
and technicians will assemble on site

Some work, in advance, to drain the pipe runs in question and disconnect pipework in the plant room will be required by others

Pressure test carried out to confirm issues with the identified pipe runs/systems

If required camera inspection performed to assess for severity of damage (NOTE – large splits cracks or openings may not be solvable and will
require pipe replacement by others)

ePIPE equipment is connected to the circulation system.

An approved aggregate is fired down the pipe run to clean and scour, leaving a key for the ePIPE epoxy resin to bond to.

The pipe run is cleaned and warmed with blasts of hot air

The patented e PIPE epoxy resin is forced along the pipe runs via blow in place technology – air pressure is used to control the flow of the product –
the epoxy is forced to the extremities of the pipe and fittings internals

Once lined, hot air is passed to cure the product more quickly

A final pressure test is performed to confirm that the identified issues have been resolved

Re connection and re commissioning of the pool to be performed by others
A leaking skimmer line was resolved by isolating just that section o the circulation system and
applying the patented ePIPE product - no disturbance to the luxury pool surround was needed.

ePIPE - Required information for a provisional quote

The following information is required in order to allow a provisional quote to be raised:

Site Address

Estimated water loss – litres per 24hour period / OR
known pressure loss

Description and/or images of access to property and
pool surround

Pool location – indoors or outdoors

Description and/or images of pool surround

Access restrictions to plant room if any

Location of plant room in relation to pool

Diameter of pipe work installed

Style of pipework installed – flexible/rigid/mix

Number of fittings:



Vacuum Points

Main Drains


Brand of fitting, e.g. Certikin

Estimated pipe run to each fitting from plant room
Any provisional quote will always be supported by a site visit if the quote is to be progressed – this
may result in the quotation being revised.

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