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Large Solar Pod 780mm x780mm

Large Solar Pod 780mm x780mm

Ref: 999001169

In the spring of 2011 Plastica introduced the Solar Pod Plus. Don’t be mistaken by thinking it just a bigger version of the Solar Pod! It’s a whole lot more! Yes, at a glance the Solar Pod Plus looks like the standard Solar Pod and yes many of the features are the same. The Solar Pod Plus works with your existing water circulation pump. The Pod uses heat trap glasshouse effect technology to capture the energy from the sun and transfer it into your pool water. The Pods transparent polycarbonate dome can be tilted to achieve the best angle for the sun and its reflective underside to maximise heat gain.

The main benefits of the Solar Pod Plus are:-

The Solar Pod Plus has a reflective internal underside. Passive solar gain within the dome is increased by an average of 11°C in comparison to the standard Solar Pod. The higher the temperature within the dome, the greater the heat transfer to the pool water passing through the Solar Heater.

Because of its size the Solar Pod Plus has more than 10 times more captive air than the standard Solar Pod. This means that the internal air volume of the Solar Pod Plus is in excess of 100ltrs, in comparison to the Standard Solar Pod 10ltrs.

Obviously the Pod has an increased heat exchange area. The Solar Pod’s moulded heat exchanger coil allows approximately 70% exposure to the captive heat in the dome. Solar Pod Plus incorporates a coil that allows 99% exposure to the heat generated in its dome.

Finally the Solar Pod Plus’ increased water capacity coupled with the greater volume of solar warmed air, gives the Solar Pod Plus a water to captive air ratio of almost 10:1 warm air to water, as opposed to the standard Solar Pods 2:1 ratio.
The increased volume of pool water within the Heat Exchanger Coil results in far more efficient heat transfer.


Price: 288.00(316.80) (Including VAT at 20%)

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