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Covers4pools Solar Floater-Ionizer

Covers4pools Solar Floater-Ionizer

Ref: Solar Floater 4pools

As we no longer offer the Floatron product we have now located an alternative:-

This products works in the same way at a much lower cost ie 36% less than current prices

A portable and floating water purifier combining solar electric power with ionization.
Swimming pools will typically require up to 85%-95% less chlorine or other oxidizers.

Can also be used in any body of water where algae are an issue. It is completely harmless to fish. Great for children and adults with skin conditions which are aggravated by chlorinated water. An 85%-95% reduction in chlorine means that the Purifier should pay for itself within 2 Years. A great Green Product which will appeal to a wide spectrum of customers such as swimming pool owners, fish enthusiasts, health conscious and those who simply want to have the same effect on the use of Chlorine .

How It Works

As the pool purifier floats on the water sunlight is converted into electricity by the photovoltaic panel. This harmless low
current energizes a special alloyed mineral electrode below water line, causing the release of mineral ions into the water.
Ionized water, often referred to as mineralized water virtually eliminates the growth of microorganism in the water. The
unit comes complete with everything you require including test strips, wire brush and user manual.


If you continue to use a minimal dose of chlorine every time, you will notice that your pool water is losing brightness.
Remember that solar water purifier eliminates algae (green color water), bacteria and viruses, but not eliminate
grease or suntan lotions. These will dull the water. When you notice the pool water has turned dull or misty. Start adding chlorine into pool.
Use testing strips to check chlorine level until reaching normal condition. In conclusion: You simply add chlorine when needed.
Spares available

Price: 199.99(219.99) (Including VAT at 20%)