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R3Baracuda New Pool cleaner NEW STOCK Now in

R3Baracuda  New Pool cleaner NEW  STOCK Now in

Ref: Zodiac Pool Cleaner

- The Baracuda R3 is the ideal pool cleaner for small pools but it is suitable for all pool types. Its simple, streamlined counterweight assembly improves speed and manoeuvrability making it the ideal choice for any pool.
Your pool should provide you with years of relaxation, not the burden of extra responsibility. Pool cleaning is imperative to a fun, clean and most importantly safe environment for you and your family. With a number of pool cleaning options such as automatic pool cleaners you don't have to give a thought to pool cleaning. Our quality ranges of automatic pool cleaners and cleaning accessories offer unparalleled performance and years of service.

The Benefits of choosing the Baracuda R3 are
1.Duralife™diaphragm made with strong reinforced outer ribbing for a snap action pulse
2.Enhanced durability
3.Increased suction power
4.Whisper quiet operation
5.Patented 'Twist & Lock™' Hose
6.Improves water flow for more efficient cleaning
7.Rotating wheel deflector enables fluid navigation around corners, steps and ladders
8.Disc suction pool cleaner
9.Suitable for all in ground and above ground pools
10.If you are near trees and get quite a few leaves in your pool purchase the optional extra leaf tray

The Zodiac R3 Pool Cleaner is an ideal pool cleaner for small pools but it is suitable for all pool types up to 9m x 5m. Its lightweight and simple construction make it easy to operate & as it has only one moving part, service life will be long.. The unit is super quiet, so no upsetting your neighbours. The B3 comes with 10 x 1m sections of the patented Twist and Lock Hose.

Price: 375.00(412.50) (Including VAT at 20%)

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