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Atlas Helios Solar Powered roller

Atlas Helios Solar Powered roller

Ref: helios

1 Totally self contained motorised reel
2 For small domestic outdoor Solar covers
3 SELV 12V d.c. operation
4 Automatic stopping limits
5 Comes complete with end stands and tube set
6 Simple 3-way key operation
7 Solar panel trickle charging
8 Small Slidelock style tubes for 3.05m to 4.57m
(4.3m maximum cover width)
• Large Slidelock style tubes for 4.88m to 6.1m
(5.8m maximum cover width)

Notes: Reels should be set up to have a 150mm to 300mm overlap
each side.
Maximum recommended area of material is 60sq.m. ie 5m x 10m plus roman end

Cover/tube overlap should be kept to a minimum.
Some flexing of the tube may occur with larger covers

Price: 1,936.80(2,130.48) (Including VAT at 20%)