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Aqua Fingers Pool brush- Pole extra

Aqua Fingers Pool brush- Pole extra

Ref: aqf01

"This is a truly innovative addition to the pool cleaning accessories category," says group marketing director Bryan Goh. "Nylon pool brooms have been in circulation for 80 years and consumers haven’t had a choice of broom that better suits the make of their pool, until now."

The Aqua Fingers® pool brush features a high-density microfibre attachment to help gently remove dirt and algae from your pool. The multi-purpose design also includes a unique, flexible body and curved underside, which ensures no awkward corners or difficult to reach areas are missed.

"This provides more angles of operation, making it quicker and easier to clean smooth surfaces,” Bryan explains. “Furthermore, Aqua Fingers® is made from flexible ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA), which enables pool owners to clean hard-to-reach places."

Price: 46.80(51.48) (Including VAT at 20%)