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AFNOR approved Pool Alarm ++++ Great Value+++

AFNOR approved Pool Alarm ++++ Great Value+++

Ref: imm100

* Fastens to pool edge
* Pressure sensor system
* Not set off by wind
* LED status indicators
* Operates with a magnet contact key
* 100db integrated siren
* Weighs 2.8kg
* Automatically switches from bathe to watch mode
* Conforms to French Safety Laws
* Made in Europe
This alarm system is suitable for in-ground swimming pools upto around 12m by 5m in size as it can protect water up to 7m away from its built in sensor, if you have a larger Pool then you simply buy another alarm unit, or as many as you need to be assured of total protection, Position the Alarm Module along your pools surface edge to get the most protection.

The unit is supplied with a 2 year manufacturer warranty

Price: 432.00(475.20) (Including VAT at 20%)