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Coverstar Automatic Pool Cover

Coverstar  Automatic Pool Cover

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The All Rounder Pool Cover

The Coverstar system is based on strength. For example, the sliders, which are traditionally the weakest part of a cover system, are more than four times as strong as any other slider used in the industry. Coverstars exclusive heavy-duty double row sealed stainless steel ball bearing pulleys have almost triple the load bearing capacity of single row pulleys used by other companies. In addition, the exclusive rope has a breaking strength of 2,200 psi, twice that of standard Dacron ropes. No sheer pins or bolts are used in the Coverstar drive train, instead the system operates with keyways to provide maximum reliability. Within the drive train, Coverstars exclusive Positive Shift Gear system completely disengages one gear before shifting to the other. Unlike other systems, it cannot double engage causing the system to try to run in both directions at the same time, causing gears to wear and slip.To top it all, the surrounding and connected heavy-duty frameworks and brackets are fully expandable, ensuring the most solid fixing and eliminating bent and/or broken brackets. Once the system is locked into place, it cannot move around.

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