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Greenseal Pond Liners 0.75mm

Greenseal  Pond Liners 0.75mm

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Greenseal™ is produced in Sweden by our Butyl supplier, Trelleborg, who over the last 35 years have produced in excess of 45 million square metres of Geomembrane for world wide distribution. Greenseal, an EPDM lake liner of exceptional quality, is produced in 1.7m wide strips the same as Butyl, it has the same physical characteristics as Butyl with a cost saving of about 30%.

EPDM is not affected by UV light; it remains stable with advancing years regardless of temperatures from -40C to +120C without shrinkage, melting, brittleness or cracking. Used extensively by landscapers and civil engineers for lakes, canals, tank liners and reservoirs, its sheer durability and flexibility makes it the perfect choice for any landscape project.

Our unique prefabrication hot bond seam welding process, coupled with our in-house designed and patented vulcanising presses, allow us to manufacture single sheet liners up to 1800m² (40m x 45m) in our factories. The same process is used on-site to join multiple large sheets for reservoirs and lagoons.

Price is per sq metre

Price: 7.98(8.78) (Including VAT at 20%)