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Felt Underlay 250g/sm for Pond Liners- Roll Size 2m x 30m

Felt Underlay 250g/sm for Pond Liners- Roll Size 2m x 30m

Ref: ts60

Polyfelt TS60 are mechanically bonded non-woven geotextiles made of UV stabilised polypropylene. Our geotextile underlays offer exceptionally high performance and provide a highly effective protective barrier between substrate and liner. We recommend that our underlay is used beneath all our liners, not only to help protect liners from penetration by sharp stones, roots, etc, but also to reduce excessive localised stretching of the liner when settlement occurs.

These materials are actually developed for commercial road building and ground stabilisation applications and are far superior to cheaper underlay felts. Our 50 years trading experience reinforces our belief that quality pond building begins with selecting high quality products from the industrys leading suppliers. Using cheaper materials with a lower grade specification could potentially lead to a liner failure in years to come. We suggest fitting the best Underlay your budget allows.

In order to address the relatively high cost of Underlay material when installing a budget PVC pond liner we now offer the slightly lighter duty TS40 - 180gsm underlay. This material is also a more economical choice for larger ponds and lakes when used in conjunction with good soil conditions and sand blinding etc. Please call for this price 0845 6800738

Price: 153.60(168.96) (Including VAT at 20%)