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Kay-Metzeler™ Landing Areas

Kay-Metzeler  Schools Landing Area

Kay-Metzeler ™ Schools Landing Area

Price: 2,079.60(2,287.56) (Including VAT at 20%)

Ref: Schools

Kay-Metzeler ™ Spike proof wearsheet for the Schools Landing Area

Price: 720.00(792.00) (Including VAT at 20%)

Ref: spike

We can also advise and supply padding for both inside and outside. This example here also acts as a sound barrier
Why not call John on 01904 341133 to discuss your requirements
Sound protection
Pole Vault and High Jump
Kay-Metzeler™ produced Landing Areas for High Jump & Pole Vault ...

Kay-Metzeler™ produce a range of Landing Areas for use in High Jump and Pole Vault. As with our Safety Mattresses all our Landing Areas have an inner that is constructed using a flame retardant, polyurethane foam to give lower resistance and extra cushioning when landing. The resilient spike-proof wearsheets are also fire retardant and have a non-slip base, carry handles and breathable, mesh vents to expend air when landing. Bespoke sizes with club decals can be constructed and Kay-Metzeler™ can also help ensure that your landing area is compliant to IAAF rules 182 or 183 if it is to be used for competitions. For a multi-purpose use Landing Area please consider our Landing Modules

Main Features
> Flame retardant, cushioning, polyurethane foam inner.
> Heavy duty zip.
> Non-slip base.
> Carry handles.
> Breathable mesh vents to expend air.
> Can be produced in bespoke sizes and compliant with IAAF rules 182 or 183.
> All Kay-Metzeler™ Landing Areas are produced to British Standard BS1892-3:2003 for flammability

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Pole Vault Landing Areas
High JUmp Landing Areas
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Long Jump Pit Covers
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