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3 Seater Infrared Sauna

3 Seater Infrared Sauna

Ref: Saunax3

The spacious Saunax 3 seater Infra-Red Cabin is beautifully hand-finished in selected Europen Aspen.

The dual LED-display controls allow bathing time to be set for up to 60 minutes, with temepertaure settings from 10 up to 60 deg C

External 1540W x 1160D x 1980H
Internal 1340W x 960D x 1860H

Five infra-red emitters, two to three bathers

Saunax Infra-Red Heat Cabins look good and feel good; they are easy to assemble and require no special electrics, being 13-amp socket compatible.

Price: 2,200.85(2,530.98) (Including VAT at 20%)

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