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Efficient & Economical

High levels of humidity left unchallenged, can be a
major problem in an indoor pool environment. Water
evaporating from the pool or spa surface increases air
humidity, and can eventually lead to mould or even
structural damage or collapse. In the past, theVaporex33
conventional approach to combating high humidity
came in the form of wasteful air extraction from the
pool hall.
Nowadays, the science of humidity control has moved
into another realm. The advanced range of Vaporex
dehumidifiers provides an efficient and economical

High-Performance, Low-cost Units

Vaporex dehumidifiers minimise the need for costly air
extraction. Operating on the heat pump principle, these
high-performance units re-circulate pool air —removing
the moisture content and delivering warm, dry air back
to the pool hall.
By working in this way, they maintain a comfortable
humidity level, minimise condensation and keep heating

costs at the lowest possible level.
Automatic Control, Assured

Each Vaporex dehumidifier is equipped with a variable
humidistat for automatic control. The recommended
humidity level is set between 60% and 65% RH which

ensures a comfortable environment.
Energy & Cost Efficient

As well as minimising heating costs by re-circulating air,
the Vaporex heat pump system works on an efficient
3:1 heat / electricity ratio, diverting energy back to the
pool hall.
Rapid Installation, Flexible

The Vaporex units are self contained units that are
installer friendly.
The option of installing at high or low level, through
the wall or floor mounted makes the Vaporex versatile
in its application.

Low Temperature Operation
The pool hall construction requires protection when not
in use and, for economy reasons, the air
temperature might be lowered when unoccupied for
long periods.
If the pool hall air temperature could drop below 17OC
it is strongly advisable to use the defrost version which
will operate down to an air temperature of 0OC

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Through Wall KItThrough Wall KIt Ref: DH33

Price: 420.00(596.40) (Including VAT at 20%)

Swimming Pool Cover  | Heat Exchangers,Heaters Pumps & Filters |  Dehumidifiers

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